Me time! Masbate Vice Gov. Kaye Revil takes a quick break from her breastfeeding duties


There’s no question that Masbate Vice Gov. Kaye Revil is a devoted momma, but she needs some time for herself, too.

In a Facebook post, Revil said motherhood duties, especially breastfeeding, take up most of her time. It leads to pain, sleepless nights, and zombie days, she said.

This was why it was also important for her to take some time for herself to keep her sanity.

She took a quick movie break, catching the last full show of Rainbow’s Sunset. But before she left, she made sure that she had fed her infant daughter.

It was her first time to leave the house aside from her check ups after giving birth, and she was happy for the opportunity.

Moms shouldn’t forget to take care of themselves as well!

“Truth is #breastfeeding is a challenge. And mom-life in general actually is. It takes a lot of patience, endurance for the pain & sleepless nights & zombie days. So yesss, we gotta give time to unwind. We owe it to ourselves, we need our sanity too. And yeah, that breastfeeding photo is me candidly taken by Maricris Celera-Lacsamana. 😋 30 minutes to screening time of last full show & that is still my scenario- making sure Karisma’s filled so I can take that 2-hour break in the movies & hope to finish it & not get a baby alert message that I need to go back coz she’s already crying non-stop. So yeah we were a little late, but yes, hurray we did it! 😅Survived my first going out of the house other than for baby’s check-up. ☺️ And no, Cris had a break too, Sabrina wasn’t with us in the movies, she just fetched her momma after. 😉
So yup, if you’re a momma, go get that much needed time to unwind. I did Rainbow’s Sunset & I love it. 🌈🌅 To love & be loved & understand what true love is. ☺️🙏🏻,” Revil posted on Facebook.