Legazpi Mayor Noel Rosal celebrates bday in jail


To celebrate his birthday, Legazpi Mayor Noel Rosal went to jail.

Rosal conducted his yearly birthday visit to the city jail earlier this month, he said in a Facebook post.

According to him, he makes improvements to the jail every time he visits. Next month, it will get a new building to help decongest it.

He also gave them items that they need. This is his way of showing that he cares for the inmates, he said.

They may have been accused of crimes, but it doesn’t mean we need to stop treating them as people!

“my yearly birthday visit to our city jail…..every yr we make improvements,like this february 2019…they will have a new additional building….it will be useful to dicongest the very old and crowded building1….showing that we care for them….gave also things for their needs inside.let us not forget them.happy three kings,” Legazpi posted.