Legazpi Mayor Noel Rosal vows to remove houses in danger zones to prevent deaths from landslides


Even a relatively small landslide can prove to be deadly, which is why Legazpi Mayor Noel Rosal has vowed to relocate residents living beside highways along mountains.

Rosal, in a Facebook post, said he visited the wake of three family members who were killed in a landslide.

According to him, the landslide was only 10 feet high, but it was enough to kill because the wall of the victims’ house was flimsy.

He said people were really prohibited from living along the highways and should follow the rules. He would coordinate with the public works department to relocate the people residing in these danger areas, he added.

It’s for their own safety!

“Visit to the wake of the 3 members of a family…landslide in bgy san francisco..mababala lang ito wla pa 10ft taas pero mga kababayan kahit nga since 1987 pa sila dyan pero dahil mahina pader ng bahay nila at kahit konti lang landslide nangyari nga ito…kaya kaipuhan sumunod na kita bawal talaga dyan sa mga gilid ng widening ng highways..aalisin ta na ito marami pa dyan…we will coordinate wt DPWH..,” Rosal posted.