Protect the nature! Masbate Rep. Lanete wants environmental education in school curriculum


Masbate Rep. Scott Lanete wants to include environmental education as part of the country’s education system.

The Masbate solon said that environmental education is important as it will help youth to mare responsible decisions affecting the environment.

“Environmental Education is a learning process that leads to more responsible decisions and actions that will impact the environment. However, our school’s curriculum lacks emphasis on this,” Lanete said.

Lanete has filed House Bill 1069 or the proposed Environmental Education Act, which aims to “advance the personal understanding on the environment among elementary and high school students.”

“Our House Bill No. 1069 seeks to reform the country’s education system by making Environmental Education a vital part of every school’s curriculum,” the solon said.

Lanete said that the youth could be the catalysts change in fighting climate change if they are taught to protect the environment.

“Let us teach the youth how to protect and preserve the environment. We can help them become the catalysts of change in fighting global warming and environmental degredation,” he said.