Herbal meds needed! San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo calls for help for those with athlete’s foot


The floods brought by tropical depression Usman has also led to a rash of cases of alipunga or athlete’s foot among affected residents, who had to wade through floods.

Thankfully, an herbal remedy is available and San Fernando, Camarines Sur Mayor Fermin Mabulo said barangay health workers could produce this.

In a Facebook post, Mabulo said he learned of the problem and of the urgent need for ointments from a doctor from the Bicol Medical Center College of Medicine.

Fortunately, health workers in coastal barangays have been trained to produce the medicine from the plant Akalpulko.

The mayor called for more help for the production of the ointment, and suggested that alternative learning students be mobilized so they could get extra income.

Let’s all do what we can to help. No one wants itchy feet!

“Had a phone call this morning from Dra. Hao, Bicol Medical Center College of Medicine about an urgent need for ointments to cure alipunga of people affected by the recent floodings in some of our towns. Our Barangay Health Workers in the coastal brgys have been trained by BU medical students on how to produce this herbal medicine. Lets help out in the production Manay Amet Rosa Alma Olitoquit. We can mobilize our ALS Students so they can have income,” Mabulo posted.