VP Robredo enjoys a quick meeting with busy daughter on New Year’s day

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Vice President Leni Robredo’s three daughters are in the Philippines for the New Year, but it doesn’t mean she gets to be with them all the time.

In a Facebook post, Robredo said her daughter Tricia is on duty at the hospital on New Year’s day and the following day.

But the family got to see her for a minute when she went to get the takeout dinner they brought her.

She expects that this is how holidays and other days would be in the coming years, when Tricia’s medical duties take up most of her time.

But at least they got a photo showing them all together on the first day of the year!

“Happy New Year, everyone ?

Tricia is on duty today until tomorrow. We got to see her for about a minute when she went out to get the takeout dinner we brought. I guess this will be how holidays (and many other days) will be spent in the coming years,” the Vice President posted.