Masbate VG Revil says her OB-gyne is a ‘modern day samaritan’


Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil said that her OB-gyne is a “certified modern day Good Samaritan” after taking good care of her and her baby Karisma.

VG Revil just recently gave birth with her fifth child Karisma Vie Revil last December 25 under the care of Dr. Lyra Ruth Clemente-Chua.

“I just walked in to her clinic the moment I found out I was delayed and tested positive in the pregnancy test,” the vice governor said.

“She took care of me for the 9 months of pregnancy I’ve had with #KarismaVieRevil- gave me the right vitamins, managed my health & made sure all goes well in my travels abroad while pregnant- went to Singapore, Malaysia & Switzerland,” she added.

Revil said that despite the rigors of her job as public servant, she has been in great health.

“Was in & out going to & from Masbate too. My weight gain was just right. I’m in the pink of health & in good shape too. I’m not sure she’d see this as we are not FB friends,” she said.

Revil also said that Dr. Clemente-Chua only charged her P100 for giving birth.

“But yes, I am very grateful to her for all her professional & added value care. But that’s not all to it, I am also super surprised to find out that she just charged Php100 for my giving birth!!! Yes that’s right, 100 pesos!!! Wow!!! Must be the Christmas Day birthday of Karisma,” she said.

“I know it is God’s way of telling me- Kindness makes a better world & God is always there to see through it all. Thank you Father God!!! 🙏🏻 Thank you Dr. Lyra Ruth Clemente-Chua,” she added.

Revil also thanked her previous doctors when she gave birth before.

“Same goes with my past 2 pregnancies for #KevinViktorRevil & #KingVincentRevil with Dr. Arlene A Ricarte, she didn’t charge a dime. And also Dr. Cathy Pilapil for Bavick Revil in Masbate. Dr. Marofe C. Merillo Bajar my online/text message/one call away consultation sis-in-law doc. I’ve always been blessed that way,” she said.