Basud, Cam Norte Mayor Silverio Quinones III levels up his skills


Basud, Camarines Norte Mayor Silverio Quinones III is bent on improving himself.

Quinones has leveled up his skills with his completion of his course at the Academy of Presiding Officers.

It is a three year course under the University of the Philippines’ college of local and regional governance, and is a project of the Vice Mayor’s League of the Philippines.

The course aims to produce better public servants, which would result in improved communities and happier constituents.

The honor goes to Quinones, but everybody benefits from his achievements!

“Graduation Day of Vice Mayor Silverio Quiñones III who successfully completed the requirements of the Academy of Presiding Officers, Given last December 04, 2018 during the National Convention of Vice Mayors League, Century Park Hotel, Manila. A 3 year course under University of the Philippines, College of Local and Regional Governance, a project of the Vice Mayor’s League of the Philippines,” Quinones posted on his Facebook page.