Gov. Bichara awards Albay’s best communal vegetable garden, cleanest LGU

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Governor Al Francis Bichara extends his support for Albay food productivity

The Albay Capitol has recognized this year’s Outstanding Communal Vegetable Garden and Cleanest and Greenest Municipality.

The award was spearheaded by the Provincial Government of Albay, through the Department of Agriculture and Albay Provincial Agricultural Office.

Governor Al Francis Bichara welcomed Senator Cynthia Villar as the guest of honor for the event.

Bichara also hailed all the persons involved in the success of the Season 2 Albay Family-Based Food Production Program (AFBFPP), including Provincial Agriculturist Cheryll Rebeta and all other municipal agriculturists.

“Saludo ako sa mga agriculturists pati sa mga municipality agriculturists na yaon digdi. Saludo ako sa pagsararo asin pagsarabay sa programang ini na pigagibo sa buong Pilipinas. Kaya ipapadagos ta pa ini,” the governor was quoted as saying.

The governor noted that the program is “proven effective” as it encourages other provinces to do the same and that he believes that the AFBFPP can be a program that will be implemented province wide.

“The AFBFPP, with its theme “Go organic, Grow organic, Eat organic”, aims to find the Outstanding Barangay Communal Vegetable Garden as well as Cleanest and Greenest LGUs,” said the provincial government.

“This determines the creativity and innovation of landscapes, farm records such as cost and return analysis (income derived from crops planted, crop rotation, uses of synthetic fertilizers/ peticides/ insecticides (no. in kilograms of biodegradable waste converted into organic fertilizer/ concoction, participation, rabies prevention, control and elimination program, MRF/ waste segregation, and health awareness campaign,” it added.