VG Revil’s office receives vitamins, supplements as donation for her Masbate Buntis Congress initiative

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The office of Vice Governor Kaye Revil has received vitamins and other donations for the scheduled Buntis Congress in Masbate.

VG Revil said that support continues to pour in for her Buntis Congress and Caravan initiative.

“Yehey, your Buntis VG & team are very good in asking for support for fellow Buntis!,” Revil said.

“We got 1400 bottles of Ferrous Sulfate of 100 capsules per bottle and 1400 boxes of Calcium also. 100 pieces can last 3 months of vitamins supply per buntis! God provides!,” Revil shared.

“Thank you Lord for sending us all these support. To You be all the glory.”

Meanwhile, Revil also asked for transportation service for pregnant women from far-flung areas as well as medical support team.

“Ah we need transpo for the buntis in far-flung areas so they can join us. And also some medical team support that can volunteer to do check-ups & volunteer photographers for the photoshoot,” she said.

“Volunteer make-up artists are also welcome. Or if you also would like to donate make-ups & other provisions, God bless you many folds,” said the Vice Governor.

The dates of Masbate Buntis Caravan are as follows:

Nov. 16- Mobo
Nov. 17- Baleno
Nov. 18- City
Nov. 19- Mandaon
Nov. 20- Aroroy
Nov. 21- Milagros
Nov. 22- Balud