Go for dwarves, says Aroroy Mayor Arturo Virtucio II


When it comes to coconut trees, Aroroy Mayor Arturo Virtucio II wants them short.

Virtucio, in a Facebook post, batted for the planting of Dwarf Coconut Trees.

According to him, thousands of this variety have been grown in Cabangcalan Properties since 1998.

He shared photos of the dwarf trees showing hat their fruit are easily within arms reach from the ground.

He also said these kinds of coconut trees are what should be grown in Aroroy.

If it means having an easier time getting to that delicious buko, we’re all for this!

“# Abot kamay Dwarf Coconut Trees. We have thousands of that variety in our Cabangcalan Properties planted since 1998. Ito yung dapat na patubuin at paramihin na Dwarf Coconuts for Aroroy! 🤓👍,” Virtucio posted on Facebook.