Love love love! Masbate VG Revil, ex-Gov. Vince mark 17 years of marriage


Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil has celebrated her 17th wedding anniversary with her husband former Governor Vince Revil.

VG Revil looked back on how blessed they were for the 17 long years of marriage.

“I was just 17 when you pursued me.
Through the years, we’ve been blessed with our now two beautiful & smart teenagers- Jovi (16), Bavick (14) & two loving gentle boys- Kevin (11) & King (9),” she said.

“Who would have thought I’m pregnant again? Did we even plan or ask for any of them?,” she added.

The Vice Governor said that their “most precious children” formed that bond of love anf joy in their family.

:All by, for & through His will, as we always suppose. 17 years, oh 17 years that we’ve been married already today. Seems all just like yesterday,” she said.

Revil said although the future is uncertain, they lift it all to the Lord to guide and bless their family.

“So what does tomorrow bring? Who knows? We lift it all up to God, as always. Love & faith forever be in our hearts,” she said.

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