Till death do us part! Naga City Mayor officiates Halloween-themed wedding ceremony


Naga City Mayor John Bongat has officiated a Halloween-themed wedding yesterday.

Mayor Bongat donned his Harry Potter costume as he solemnized the union of the couples at the City Hall.

“KASALAN SA UNDAS. “Till death do us part,” recited the 6 couples in unison while sporting Harry Potter hats, as I solemnized their marriage today with scary motifs all over,” Mayor Bongat said.

Mayor Bongat congratulated the newlyweds as they start a new chapter of their lives.

“Congratulations to the newlyweds as they celebrate earthly life and happiness together on the eve of Halloween! Awooooooooo!!!,” he said.

“Happy halloween, I mean, happy wedding to you happy couples!!!,” he added.

The city government said that more than symbolizing death and sorrow, Mayor Bongat shared that “Halloween, in line with the All Soul’s Day celebration this coming month of November, is also a mark of new life and a new beginning—same with the newlyweds’ start of a new chapter in their lives.”

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