Walang eroplano? Legazpi Councilor Vince Baltazar says newly-renovated transport hub to look like an airport terminal

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No, you won’t be seeing planes at the Legazpi City Terminal after its renovation.

But the new place would remind you of an airport, according to Legazpi Councilor Vince Baltazar.

Baltazar shared a photo of the ongoing renovation on Facebook and said the new hub’s design was like that of an airport terminal. It would be air-conditioned and would have a glass window so that passengers could easily the vans and the buses that they would ride.

He asked for patience for the ongoing renovation.

The inconvenience would be worth it as they would get to see a new modern transport hub!

“on going renovation of Legazpi City Terminal..

parang airport terminal lang ang design, airconed and glass window tayu para nakikita mga van and bus… pasensya sa mga inconvenience na dala ng on going renovation pero soon matatapos din ang ating legazpi City Terminal…

mabuhay Legazpi City! mabuhay Legazpeños!

picture by Kaloi Garcia,” Baltazar posted.