Naga Councilor Ray-An Rentoy marvels at German way of campaigning


Not all campaigns have to be like a circus.

Naga Councilor Ray-An Rentoy found this out during a visit to Germany, where met with liberal from other parts of the world.

In a Facebook post, Rentoy said it was campaign period in Bavaria, and he got to see one the sorties there.

It was definitely different from those in the Philippines, as the German sorties had no hakot crowd, food packs, or money changing hands, he said.

All it had was a heartfelt speech from the candidates from Germany’s Liberal Party.

If only we could do things this way! “It’s campaign period here in Bavaria, Germany, and we managed to see and observed one of its sorties. No hakot. No food packs. No money. Just pure speech from the heart.Martin Hagen(in white) is the standard bearer of the Liberal Party for the member in the Parliament and Christian Lindner(in blue) is the Liberal Party President in Germany,” he posted.

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