Last 10 months! Naga City Mayor Bongat starts countdown as his term ends in 2019

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Last 10 months.

Exactly 10 months from now, Naga City Mayor John Bongat will step down from his post after nine long years.

Mayor Bongat started his count down amid his prayer to be able to deliver every promise he has made.

“STARTING AT NOON TODAY, AUGUST 30, 2018, time will tick away the hours, the days, the weeks and my last 10 months as your Mayor,” Mayor Bongat said.

“Please help me finish the unfinished, complete the incomplete, as, together, we thank God and our “Ina” for the countless blessings received by our beloved City during my tenure.Because of you, my fellow Nagueňos, I was able to perform my best,” said the Mayor.

Mayor Bongat also thanked his constituents and his family for inspiring him to perform his job well.

“You’ve always been there to inspire me, not to mention the very supportive, lovely family behind me every step of the way! God bless us all!, the mayor said

Mayor Bongat entered politics in 2001 as Naga City councilor. He ran as Mayor in 2010 and has continued to serve for three terms.

He’ll step down as mayor on June 30, 2019.