Pasig City Councilor Vico Sotto: Naga City is a hotbed of people empowerment

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Pasig City Councilor Vico Sotto is a living proof that Naga City is indeed a hotbed… of people empowerment.

Sotto stayed in Naga to tag along with executive director of the city’s people’s council.

“Spent 2 days tagging along with the executive director of the Naga City People’s Council,” Sotto said in a tweet.

The Pasig City councilor was amazed how common people were given a voice in all aspect of governance.

During his short stay, Sotto was able to talk with various groups from urban poor to market vendors.

“Talagang hotbed dito! Hotbed of citizen empowerment and participation in governance!!!,” Sotto said in another tweet.

“We talked to many groups (from urban poor to market vendors). What’s amazing is that ALL of them said that the government doesn’t simply tell them how things will be done; they give input & usually arrive at a consensus,” he said.

“From top to bottom, everyone is a stakeholder!,” he added.