Kabog nina lolo! Ako Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe outmatched by seniors in drinking session


Ako Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe could only watch in awe as men in their 70s, 80s and 90s drank like men in their 30s.

Batocabe attended a 90th birthday celebrated, and the senior guests partied like millennials.

Batocabe could not help but quip that life is unfair because the seniors he was drinking with were downing drink after drink and eating chicharon without any guilt.

He surmised that they had practiced moderation in life, which was why they had outlived their fellow drinkers.

It’s a good time to follow their example, so that we can all keep on drinking and eating chicharon in our old age!

“Sometimes, life can be so unfair especially if you are drinking with senior citizens in their 70’s and 80’s ( one 90 year old is Lolo del Rosario, at extreme left) who can still drink like they are in their 30s and gobble chicharon without any guilt. I think moderation is the key why they outlived other drinkers. At Tita Mellie Serrano’s 90th b- day celebration,” Batocabe posted on Facebook.