Masbate VG Revil tells youth to ‘follow the path to greatness’


Masbate Vice Governor Kaye Revil has encouraged the youth to pursue the path towards greatness.

The young Vice Governor spoke before the Global Youth Summit where she shared her words of wisdom.

“Today, I encourage you all to follow your path to greatness. I implore you to participate in governance, in all the ways you can, in whatever capacity or position, may it be in the private, public or civil society position,” the Masbate vice governor said.

Revil also said that those who can provide strength should help empower the others.

“And for those of us capable of gathering strength despite adversities, it is our role to make others realize that they too can empower themselves,” she said

“But let us take it upon our shoulders to hand in hand proactively work for avenues that will provide spaces for their empowerment. Together we can!,” she added.

Revil said that wherever she goes, she makes sure that “the people will know that Masbateños are competent.”

“It’s a self-inflicted pressure because I believe that who we we are as a people reflects with the kind of leader we choose. I strive to be Very Good & Committed, because I value the trust you have reposed,” she said.

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