CamSur Rep. Bordado says Miro Quimbo is the legitimate minority leader, not Suarez


Camarines Sur Rep. Gabriel Bordado Jr. stood his ground and objected the recognition of Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez as the House minority leader.

In a viva voce voting yesterday, the House of Representatives elected Suarez to keep his minority leadership post.

The Camarines Sur solon delivered a speech saying that Marikina Rep. Romero Quimbo is the leader of the legitimate minority.

“Mr. Speaker, I object to the recognition of Cong. Suarez as the Minority Leader,” he said.

“Mr. Speaker, for the past 5 days or so, I have been listening intently to the steady and at times torrid exchange of erudite ideas on who should be the legitimate minority in the House. Still, the position taken by the highly articulate and intelligent representative of Marikina City, the Honorable Miro Quimbo, stands out for its sheer logic and lucidity,” he added.

Bordado cited the House rules on electing a minority leader and a similar Supreme Court ruling on that matter.

“Mr. Speaker, let me reiterate a portion of what the Honorable Quimbo said: “We make reference to Rule II, Section 8 of the Rules of the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court decision G.R. No. 227757, promulgated on July 25, 2017, which states that xxx a.) all those who vote for the winning Speaker shall belong to the majority and those who vote for other candidates shall belong to the minority; b.) those who abstain from voting shall likewise be considered part of the minority; and c.) the minority leader shall be elected by the members of the minority,” he said.

Bordado said that “no amount of Olympic record-setting verbal gymnastics can obliterate this very clear pronouncement not just from Honorable Quimbo but also from the Supreme Court itself.”