Pasta from Tatay! Marinduque Rep. Lord Velasco’s wife enjoy post-SONA meal with the Duterte family


How did the Duterte family unwind after all the happenings on the day of the President’s third state of the nation address?

It appears that the first family enjoyed a light dinner with friends, including Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco’s wife Wen.

On Instagram, Velasco reposted a photo from Wen as she dined on pasta with President Duterte, his partner Honeylet, and their daughter Kitty.

Wen thanked “Tatay Digong” for feeding her and her babies, including her twins, after the SONA.

After that controversial day, they all deserve to relax!


Thank you so much Tatay Digong for feeding Me & my Babies❤️ Light dinner with PRRD, Ate Honeylet, Kitty & Atty. Jhopee (and my Twins????),, after the SONA?,” Velasco posted.

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