Stay healthy! Legazpi Mayor Noel Rosales excited over state of the art hospital


Legazpi Mayor Noel Rosal cannot wait to inaugurate the new Legazpi City Hospital that would feature state of the art facilities for his constituents.

In a Facebook pos, Rosal asked for pardon for the delay in the project because he had to look for fund to complete it, but he assured his constituents that it would be completed soon.

He is so excited for it as it would have all air-conditioned rooms and good facilities. But he also advised his constituents to be disciplined in using it to make sure their taxes that funded it won’t go to waste.

This is a commendable development. Just don’t be in a rush to get sick to use the hospital!

“just Now…. Final Inspection for permit to operate a level 1 LEGAZPI CITY HOSPITAL…..mga kababayan medyo natagalan tayo marami pa pala kulang pero matatapos din natin ito…. pasencya talaga naghanap pa tayo ng pondo para ma kompleto natin….pinaghirapan talaga natin ito na mailagay na finally para sa lahat na LEGASPEÑOS..pero ipagmamalakipo natin ito,kng baga 1st state of the art level1 public hospital in the country.all airconditionef rooms….. alagaan po lang natin ito,dapat may disiplina sa mga gagamit…. LEGACY natin ito lahatkasi galing ito sa pagbayad natin ng buwis…. salamat sa sangguniang panglunsod sa suporta nila..,it’s nice to be back from a two day official business to taiwan… Thanks God for the safe trip… good pm,” Rosal posted.