Gov. Bichara’s road network vision turns Albay West Coast area into a booming tourist spot

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Twenty-three years ago, then Congressman Al Francis Bichara saw the potential of West Coast of Albay, covered by the towns of Libon, Ligao, Oas, and Pio Duran to become a tourist spot.

Bichara, representing the third district of Albay in 1995, initiated an all-important road network to tap that potential.

Bichara envisioned to turn the area, which had deficiencies in infrastructure development, to a booming tourist attraction.

During that time, the area had “[d]evoid of passage where vehicles can pass, and tourists can enjoy the long stretches of white beaches with fine sand, plus the fact that electricity was nowhere to be delivered, the various barangays were given the opportunity to progress with Bichara’s action towards opening up the network.”

“A civil engineer by profession, then Congressman Bichara knew that infrastructure was a vital component and pre-requisite for economic development and progress,” said the province.

Fast forward to the present , the 46 kilometer road network, stretching from Pio Duran to Libon, is complete.

“Stretched over the West Coast overlooking breathtaking waterscapes where the shimmering turquoise sea meets the powdery white sand,” said the province.

“With its natural beauty, and the opening of the access that Governor Al Francis Bichara envisioned, the Albay West Coast area is now a booming community with both foreign and local tourists and investors. Both private and public resorts are now available for tourists and beach aficionados where accommodations and water sports are available,” it added.

Because of Bichara’s vision, this once “unknown area in Albay is a rising star in the local tourism of the province, and is seen to grow even bigger!”