Tabaco Councilor Sheina Onrubia gets the best meal from her dad


Tabaco Councilor Sheina Onrubia is one lucky daughter to have a sweet father who helped her fulfill a late night craving.

Onrubia said on Facebook that before going to sleep late one night, she sent a photo of a meal of monggo and fried fish to her family’s group chat and tagged her father in it.

She talked about how she was hunkering for these dishes for lunch because she knew he knows how to get the best deals in the market.

The next day, he told her he had shopped for the ingredients for the dishes she wanted and true enough, they had the exact same meal for lunch the next day.

Needless to say, she was grateful to her father for the sweet gesture.

We bet it’s safe to say she has the best dad!

“Before going to sleep last night, I sent this photo at 11:59 PM, and tagged Papa in our family group chat. I told him my craving, that I would love these dishes for lunch. He’s the expert in the family in looking for the best and freshest deals in the market. In the morning, I saw his chat saying he already bought everything. What we had for lunch was exactly like this. I don’t have any photo though. Naubos agad! It’s great to be home! Thanks, Papa Arnulfo Onrubia! 😘

Salamat sa masiram na luto, Laarni Dacullo.

Credit to the owner of this photo. .” she posted.