Marinduque Rep. Lord Velasco and wife Wen go on visita iglesia overload


Marinduque Rep. Lord Velasco and his pregnant wife Wen have a lot of blessings to be thankful for.

This was why they have embarked on a pilgrimage where they set out to visit 11 churches abroad. But they added a few more churches for good measure and have visited their 13th one at the latest.

Velasco said they decided to visit more churches to underscore their gratitude to the lord for the graces he has given to his family.

Their religious journey has also made him and his wife closer and more loving to each other, he said.

Looks like Lord is truly blessed!

“DAY 2🙏🏻 OUR LADY OF LOURDES👑 #160thYEAR❤️ 13TH CHURCH⛪ #PILGRIMAGE 2018 #Blessed #Grateful #Faith👼🏼 Loving the time spent with my Wife during our Pilgrimage as it makes us Closer and Love each other more😍 That’s why even after we’ve finished our Pilgrimage already (11 Churches), we added a few more Churches to thank the Lord for all the Blessings and Graces that He has given to my Family😇,” he posted.