No more crawling around! Naga Mayor John Bongat promises wheelchair for happy little girl


Naga Mayor John Bongat is impressed with a 5-year-old girl who remains a happy, active, and playful kid despite her disability.

Bongat has promised to provide a wheelchair for the girl who was born with deformed feet and legs and cannot stand or walk on them.

Despite this condition, she was active and happy and roamed around his office on her knees, to the delight of his office staff and visitors.

While the girl is able to go around on her knees, a wheelchair would definitely benefit her and the mayor vowed that she would get it soon.

This would surely make her happier!

“Your Wish is My Command! ONE OF THE EARLY BIRDS in my office is this jolly, 5-year old girl from Brgy. Sabang, Remy Grace Isidoro, who was very happy playing with me and running literally “on her knees” here and there, to the delight of my staff and the other visitors in my office. She requested for a wheel chair, which she will get in a while. She is a Kindergarten pupil at Sabang Elementary School, born with tiny and deformed feet and legs, and cannot stand and walk using her feet. But that condition won’t stop her from being physically active, playful and happy! #LodiTibay,” he posted.