Pang-international na! Naga Mayor John Bongat guests in Montreal TV show for pinoys


Naga Mayor John Bongat’s exposure isn’t limited to the Philippines.

During his trip to Canada, Bongat enjoyed some screen time in Montreal when he sat as a guest at the Pinoy Pa Rin Program.

He got to promote Naga during the show, which could mean more tourism revenue for his home city in the future.

He had a busy schedule, so after that stint, he went to Toronto to attend events prepared by the Filipino community there on the eve of his birthday.

Looks like the mayor is having one productive trip!

“Au revoir Montreal! AFTER THIS TV GUESTING on Pinoy Pa Rin Program in Montreal, hosted by Tenne and Michael, we’re on the road to Toronto to attend the activities prepared by the Filipino community, yes, on the eve of my birthday. Thank you Pinoy TV Montreal for promoting Naga on Canadian soil! Watch out for the replay of this episode of Pinoy Pa Rin show over Naga Smiles TV soon! #SalamatSaPagpadangat,” he posted on Facebook.