Kobkhun ka! Naga Councilor Cecilia Veluz De Asis thanks Thai officials for productive agri training trip


Naga Councilor Cecilia Veluz De Asis’ heart is filled with gratitude for the treatment she got from officials of Thailand’s Department of Agricultural Extension.

De Asis is so grateful to them for treating her well that he was not content with thanking them in person. She also made sure to convey her gratitude in a Facebook post for all to see.

The councilor flew to Chiang Mai to learn about its different practices and food processing operations.

The eight days she was there were pleasant, productive and very inspiring, she gushed, adding that she hopes the DOEA officials see her Facebook post so they could know just how thankful she is.

We’re sure they will like her post!

“The DOEA people who have made our8 day stay in chiang Mai very pleasant, very productive & very inspiring- i hope they can see my post just to let them know how grateful we are- koppong kha ,” she said on Facebook.