My daughter, the writer! San Fernando Mayor Fermin Mabulo is proud of daughter’s creative story

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There’s no doubt that San Fernando, Camarines Sur Mayor Fermin Mabulo’s daughter Louise is one accomplished young woman.

Mabulo could not help but be proud of Louise’s recent output, a short story for her philosophy class.

He shared the story on his Facebook page for his followers to enjoy.

The story, titled “First Day of School,” is about someone speaking of his preparing for his first day back to class.

Spoiler alert: The tale takes a chilling twist when you discover that what the narrator is preparing for is a mass shooting of his classmates.

It’s no fairy tale for sure, but it only shows how creative his daughter can be!

“I just want to share with you a short story written by my daughter for her Philosophy class. Social Relevance is their topic. Enjoy.First Day of Schoolby Louise MabuloI’m glad I’d prepared well for the first day of school. I heaved my heavy backpack higher onto my shoulders, glimpsing the faces of people I never really quite knew. Whenever I saw them, I only ever saw taunting expressions and barely masked malice.Which is why I was so glad I spent the Summer preparing, gathering my strength and character, preparing for this moment.I had no reservations as my hand pulled the gun from my bag with practiced ease, firing, firing, firing, savoring the blur of screams, the pained expressions of betrayal and anguish. They knew now how it felt when they’d toyed with my head. I’d finally done it. The uniformed figures never caught me as I ran from the building. I’m glad I’d prepared well for my first day of school,” Mabulo posted on Facebook.