Nobody can ignore Lebron, says former Albay Rep. Grex Lagman after Cavs loss to GSW


The Golden State Warriors may have handily won the NBA championship this year, but there is no denying that LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers is a basketball superstar, according to former Albay Rep. Grex Lagman.

On Facebook, Lagman shared an insight from a “special person” who claimed that the Warriors’ championship was not in the news. This person said what the news focused on was where LeBron will play.

Lagman agreed, and sang the praises of the superstar player.

Maybe this sentiment will soothe the hurt from the Cavaliers’ loss to the Warriors?

“A very special person insightfully observed that: “The Golden State Warriors championship isn’t even the news. The real news is where will LeBron play.” I couldn’t agree more. Talking about the biggest free agent EVER!

#LBJrainingOnGSWsParade,” Lagman posted.