Naga Mayor John Bongat eats the flowers


Flowers aren’t just for display, as Naga Mayor John Bongat learned recently.

At a recent visit to the Morada Ramos Elementary School, Bongat sampled the fresh Blue Ternate flower.

The flower may be pretty to look at, but eating it is better because of the many health benefits it provides.

According to the mayor, it can serve as a memory enhancer, provide anti-oxidants, fight stress, and help prevent high blood pressure and diabetes.

If this is the case, we better make this part of our diet!

“JOHNNY, JOHNNY? Yes, papa! Eating flower? Yes, papa! Try the Blue Ternate flower at Morada Ramos Elem. School in Brgy Carolina! So fresh, so medicinal! #FirstFlowerSalad #MemoryEnhancer #AntiOxidant #AntiStress #AntiHB #AntiDiabetes,” Bongat posted on Facebook.