Tangkad sagad! Naga Mayor John Bongat’s daughter towers over him


Is it vitamins or some recessive genes?

We’re not sure, but Naga Mayor John Bongat’s 12-year-old daughter is growing up— and growing tall.

Jade, a grade 7 student, is now taller than both her parents at 5’6 and a half feet, based on pictures her father posted on Facebook.

Just last year, Jade was just 5’5 tall, which means she grew more than an inch in a year. Since she’s yet to be a teenager, it’s entirely possible she would grow even taller in the coming years!

Pwedeng basketball player or model!

“EXACTLY A YEAR AGO TODAY, the height difference is quite obvious (from 5’5″ last year to 5’6.5″ today). #ToweringJadeAt12YearsOld #Grade7,” the mayor posted on Facebook.