Escaping the heat! Camarines Sur Rep. Gabriel Bordado Jr. chills in Baguio


It’s been more than four decades since Camarines Sur Rep. Gabriel Bordado Jr. visited the city of pines, but what better time to go see it again than during summer?

Bordado spent some time reminiscing and taking stock of things during his brief stay at the Mirador, a retreat house and spirituality center of the Jesuits.

According to him, Mirador reminded him of the Baguio of old times and was the perfect place to look back on his memories.

Making his stay even better the fact that he was with his wife, the love of his life.

And, of course, the fact that they got to escape the punishing heat!

“BACK TO BAGUIO AFTER 42 YEARS: I finally accepted the invitation of former Mayor Abang Mabulo to stay–if only for a day–at the retreat house and spirituality center of the Jesuits known as MIRADOR in BAGUIO CITY. The place still harks back to the Baguio of yore and not to the Baguio mercilessly pummeled–for a reason, of course!–by master filmmaker MIKE DE LEON in his latest opus.

Mirador is, therefore, a perfect place to take stock of things and to retrieve “the memories you left behind” (as the old song goes)–in the company of the love of your life!,” he posted on Facebook.