Naga City wants regular public schools to accept PWD students


The City Government of Naga wants persons with disabilities (PWDs) to be accepted in a regular classes in public schools in the city.

The City Government is now in coordination with the Department of Education (DepEd)-Naga to realize the said plan.

Councilor Elmer Baldemoro, Chairman of the Committee on Persons with Disability, said that their “goal is for physically challenged children or students to be able to enroll in a regular class, not in SPED or Special Education classes.”

“The plan is in line with the objective of the LGU- Naga to make education in the city inclusive considering the students with disablities— allowing them to have equal access to education opportunity being offered in the regular classes and be treated the same with or like normal children,” the City government said.

The city government has already initiated a 5-day Inclusive Training for Teachers which concluded last April 30, 2018, which trained more than 200 educators in primary and secondary public schools on the proper handling and teaching of students with disabilities.

Christopher Molin, head of PDAO, said that through activity, DepEd teachers and personnel “will now be capacitated with the necessary knowledge and skills in handling students with disabilities.”

The city government hopes that public schools will be ready to accept enrollment of students with disabilities this incoming school year.

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