Bakit ka nasa pulitika? Naga Mayor John Bongat reveals his guiding principles

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As he nears the completion of his term, Naga Mayor John Bongat is making sure he gets to leave behind the wisdom he has leaned.

As the country prepares to elect a new set of barangay officials, the mayor disclosed what politics should be all about and what drives him to serve the people.

Politics, he said, is about filling other people’s needs and anticipating these, not just responding to events. Moreover, it is about understanding one’s constituents instead of swanning for people’s attention.

It is about taking action to serve others, not about getting a powerful position, he said.

Future politikos better listen to this veteran!

“Politics is not about feeling others, not about filling their needs. It is the art of anticipating, more than an art of responding. It is not grandstanding, but understanding. It is reality unmasking a genuine leadership of action, not position,” he posted.