Paalam na? Naga City Mayor John Bongat shares valedictory message as he enters last year of his term


He has one more year to go before his term expires, but Naga City Mayor John Bongat has started saying goodbye.

As he heads into the last few months of his term, Bongat posted a valedictory message on Facebook.

He has been blessed throughout the years as head of Naga, where he earned strength, courage, wisdom that allowed him to deal with many challenges.

There were times when he had to make unpopular decisions for the good of his constituents, he said.

But he is filled with gratitude for Nagueños for loving and understanding him as a leader and as an individual who has his own frailties.

He thanked his family, his co-workers, the media, and various organizations for being there for him.

Not everybody gets the chance to serve Naga, which is why he is also humbled to get this rare opportunity.

His term may be ending as mayor, but who knows, we might just see him lead in another capacity.

After all, you can’t put a good leader down!

“Valedictory. COUNTING MY LAST FEW MONTHS as Mayor of Naga, as my last term expires June 30th of 2019, is like counting blessings bestowed upon me by God Almighty, blessings that I and my loving family will forever be grateful for. It is like counting the endless gifts of strength, courage and wisdom that enabled me to deal with adversity and make swift, hard, and sometimes unpopular decisions, for the sake of impacting positively towards the attainment of the greater happiness of our people. It is about counting the years well spent with people who really care for me as father of our beloved city. It is about thanking my fellow Nagueños for loving me, for understanding the human side of me, my imperfections and frailties as a leader and family man, as a friend, as a co-worker in government. Thank you to my wife, Farah, and kids, Jadee and Chanchan, for understanding a public servant-husband/father, and to you my co-workers in city hall, barangay officials, members of the media, organizations and all sectors, for being there for me through ups and downs, and for always offering a helping hand and a caring encouragement for me to move on so I will be able to continue leading the city to even greater heights. I am, therefore, humbled by this rare opportunity given me by God and our Ina, by my family, by the people of Naga, by history, to be serving as the 8th Local Chief Executive of the country’s most competitive city, An Maogmang Lugar, the Center of Good Governance, the Queen City of Bicol, the Heart of Bicol, our Naga Smiles to the World — our beloved City of Naga! #HelpMeInMyLastYearAsMayorOfNaga #NagueñosUnite,” Bongat posted.