No third party arbitration necessary! Odiongan resolves maritime boundary dispute with Ferrol town


If only all maritime disputes were resolved as easily.

Odiongan, Romblon Trina Firmalo-Fabic is happy that her town and the town of Ferrol were able to find a solution to clearly delineate the boundaries of their municipal waters.

In a Facebook post, Fabic said the Sangguniang Bayans of the two towns had a meeting to discuss the issue.

They found a good solution to their dispute, said Fabic.

This dispute did not need to involve any island-grabbing or any hostilities between the two town.

Here’s hoping that peaceful discussions would also find a solution to the festering dispute in larger bodies of water such as the South China Sea!

“Joint meeting between the Sangguniang Bayans of Odiongan and Ferrol regarding municipal waters boundary delineation. A good solution to solve the dispute was agreed upon,” Fabic posted.