Life keeps on turning for Cam Sur Rep. LRay Villafuerte


After getting into a heated exchange with a fellow politiko recently, Camarines Sur Rep. LRay Villafuerte is cooling off in Hawaii.

Villafuerte is taking in the sights of the island famed for its beaches.

On Instagram, he shared a photo of himself posing on a giant wheel.

To accompany the photo, he shared the lyrics of the Coldplay song Til Kingdom Come, particularly the lines that say that his time has come, so he should be let into the door.

We’re not sure what he’s trying to say, but we think Coldplay got it right. The wheels just keep on turning!

“I feel my time, my time has come. Let me in , unlock the door. I never felt this way before . And the wheels just keep on turning !!! … #coldplay ‘Til kingdom come’,” Villafuerte posted.