Hindi ko papanakaw ang panalo ko! VP Leni shares headlines predicting her win before 2016 polls


Surveys two weeks before the May 2016 elections showed Leni Robredo at the top spot of the Vice Presidential race, predicting her victory.

Robredo shared photos of the headlines on her Facebook page during a throwback Thursday post.

According to her, these were significant because she began at the bottom of the pile and made her way up to the top of the race.

This was not the result of luck, but sheer hard work and dedication of her volunteers, she said.

Because her victory was the product of her supporters’ time, effort and resources, she would not let it be stolen, she vowed.

“Throwback Thursday: Headlines from 2 years ago, just about 2 weeks before the elections. This was significant because I started at the bottom rung among 6 candidates. This was not just luck but the result of the hard work and dedication of so many volunteers who sacrificed their time, effort and resources campaigning for me without expecting anything in return.We will not let this hard won victory of ordinary Filipinos be stolen from them,” she posted.

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