Walang pag-iwas! Naga Mayor John Bongat explains absence at prayer rally for VP Robredo

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No, he did not deliberately avoid the April 18 prayer rally for Vice President Leni Robredo in Naga by going to Vigan, Ilocos Sur,

Naga Mayor John Bongat, responding to a “sarcastic” post questioning his absence at the pro-Robredo event, said it was unintentional that he was out of town during the April 18 prayer rally, which he had not known about.

Bongat explained that he was in Vigan on that day to attend the swimming events for Palarong Pambansa where his daughter, Jade, is a contender.

Moreover, he was only told about the rally on April 17, when he was already in Ilocos Sur. His trip Vigan and his tickets had been planned and purchased much earlier, he added.

He also said no one had coordinated with him personally before the rally. He only learned from the city administrator that a councilor told him about the rally on the afternoon of April 17 to ask for a permit.

So nobody should be imputing malice on his Vigan trip, which is not a vacation and not an excuse to avoid the prayer rally for the VP, he said.

He wants to assure the public that he’s not avoiding Naga’s former first lady!

“TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT. Below is a screenshot of Ms Irene Sacbibit’s post asking the public sarcastically why was I absent in the prayer rally for VP Leni last April 18, my wedding anniversary. She should have verified the facts first before making such irresponsible post! So the public will know, hereunder are the reasons why I was not there in the prayer rally for VP Leni last April 18:

1) My absence was unintentional. The main reason I wasn’t there was I was not physically present in Naga;

2) The first time I learned about the rally was the night before (evening of April 17th), thru a chat group, when I was already in Vigan where my daughter, Jade, is playing in the swimming events for Bicol in the Palarong Pambansa which is being held there.

3) My trip to Vigan and plane tickets were purchased long before;

4) Nobody personally coordinated with me re that rally. I was informed by City Admin. Mr. Jun Tam Mongoso that Coun. Mila Raquid Arroyo personally informed him about the rally around 4pm of April 17th to ask for a permit in behalf of Atty. Ricky Tomotorgo.

Clearly, I was not in Vigan for a vacation. Neither was I there to avoid the prayer rally for VP Leni,” Bongat posted on Facebook.