‘Ultra low-cost agriculture’ introduced in Bicol Region

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An “ultra-low-cost” agriculture was introduced in several local government units (LGU) in Bicol Region.

Dubbed as “A Way to Ultra-low-cost Agriculture”, ‘JADAM for Filipino’ forum was conducted last April 13 to 14 at the Sonrisa Farm, Carangcang, Magarao.

The forum was participated by 40 representatives from the various LGUs in the Bicol Region, including Naga City.

According to the Naga City government, JADAM is short for ‘jayandul damn saramdul’, a Korean word which means, “people who are like nature”.

“It is believed to be the answer to the country’s problem in agriculture, and have taught the participants on how to properly take good care of soil, which could result to harvest that are much larger than the ordinary crops available in the market,” the Naga City said in a statement.

Rei Sungseo Yoon, Overseas Director of JADAM, was the resource speaker during the seminar.

“What makes JADAM low cost is that all needed materials in this organic method in farming is readily available in the environment as it mainly uses leaf molds, potato or sweet potato and salt as superior soil conditioner— a condition where ordinary farmers could easily take part in,” said the City.

The city said that the forum was made possible through Naga City Councilor Julian C. Lavadia Jr., “who brought the first JADAM organic farming in the Bicol Region.”