Going strong! Calapan Mayor Panaligan graces 102nd birthday celeb of Calapeño war veteran


Calapan City Mayor Arnan Panaligan has graced the 102nd birthday of a war veteran and Calapeño Lolo Macario Manguiat last April 10.

Mayor Panaligan is impressed how Manguiat, known as Lolo Aring, is still going strong at his age.

“Going strong at 102 years old – Greeting Lolo Macario Manguiat, “Lolo Aring,” at his residence in Bgy. Ilaya, Calapan City, on his 102nd birthday,” said Mayor Panaligan.

The mayor said that Lolo Aring fought in World War II as a USAFFE soldier and survived the fighting in Bataan.

USAFFE stands for United States Armed Forces in the Far East.

“Lolo Aring still has a sharp mind,” said Panaligan as the war veteran still recognized him when he saw the mayor.

“When he saw me entering his living room, he pointed his finger at me and said: ‘Si mayor’ and when I bade good bye, he said: ‘Hanggang sa uli,'” added the Mayor.