Graduation pa more! Cam Sur Gov. Migz Villafuerte is constant guest at moving up rites


Camarines Sur Gov. Migz Villafuerte is quickly becoming a veteran of graduation, recognition, and moving up ceremonies, since he has been a favorite guest to be invited to these events.

It’s may be tiring hopping from one town to another to witness the many events, but Villafuerte has found something to take away his exhaustion.

According to him, seeing the doe eyes and happy smiles of the graduating children fill him with joy and make the trip worth it.

After all, even if they may be little now, these children are the future of the province, and they could very well be the next set of movers and shakers in Camarines Sur.

This is why Villafuerte considers it an honor to be their guest and to serve as their inspiration.

He could think of it as a chance to shape Camarines Sur’s future leaders!

“Sarong maogmang Recognition Day sa Sto. Domingo ES, Bombon! ☺️
This week’s schedule may be a tad bit exhausting as we are trying our best to attend as many graduation, completion, recognition, and moving up ceremonies as possible but seeing the smiles and the doe eyes of these kids from Sto. Domingo ES takes away the exhaustion. These children are our future and it is my honor to grace this occassion and be an inspiration to them. ? ,” he posted.

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