Lessons everywhere! Sto. Domingo Mayor Herbie Aguas learns wisdom from the furniture


The holy week seems to have taught Sto. Domingo, Albay Mayor Herbie Aguas a few lessons, and he didn’t need to look far for these.

In a Facebook post, he said valuable insight could be gleaned from the furniture in one’s house to find success in life.

From the fan, you can learn to be cool. From the ceiling, you can learn to aim high, while the window will teach you to see the world. The clock will teach you that every minute is important, the mirror will remind you to reflect, and the door will teach you to push for your goals.

But the most valuable lesson could be learned from the floor, which will teach you to kneel down and pray because the lord listens!

Looks like the secrets of success are all around us!

“When I woke up this morning I asked myself:

‘What are some secrets of SUCCESS in life?’

I found the answer right in my room…

FAN said: be cool!

CEILING said: aim high!

WINDOW said: see the world!

CLOCK said: every minute is precious.

MIRROR said: reflect before you act

DOOR said: push hard for yourgoals…

(and the most important)

FLOOR said: kneel down and pray,

GOD listens!,” he posted.