Nagmamakaawa ako! Palawan Board Member Eduardo Modesto Rodriguez calls on lawmakers to reject bill recognizing the civil partnership of same sex couples

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Palawan Board Member Eduardo Modesto Rodriguez is calling on the heavens for help in seeking to block a measure he steadfastly opposes.

On Facebook, Rodriguez said he would kneel and beg just to block the passage of House bill 6595 that would allow couples, whether same sex or opposite sex, to form civil partnerships where they would enjoy all benefits and protections granted to married spouses.

He aired his pleading as he shared a link to a story on the measure’s progress.

The politiko, though, did not explain the reason for his objection or how such a measure would be detrimental to him or his province.

Maybe more people would be inclined to support him if he shared his reasons for his objection?

“ETO NAMAN PO TAYO… NAMAMANIKLUHOD AT NAKIKIUSAP PO… WAG NA PONG ITULOY ANG House Bill 6595 Civil Partnership Act proposes to allow consenting adults “of either the same or opposite sex” to form “civil partnership couples” that enjoy “all benefits and protections … granted to spouses in a marriage.” WAG PO.. PLEASE WAG PO SIR…,” he posted.