Mayon Volcano’s alert status down to Alert Level 3


The Mayon Volcano’s alert status has been lowered to Alert Level 3 following the decrease of its eruptive activities in the past week, the PHIVOLCS said.

In a bulletin issued at 6:00 a.m. today, the agency said that the condition of the volcano in the past week was characterized by “general decline in unrest reflected by moderate seismicity, and degrassing, deflation of the edifice and a decrease in eruptive activity at the summit crater.”

Eduardo Laguerta, in a press briefing today, said that Mayon shows deflation and no new magma is formed.

“Mayon is now deflated, walang bagong magma ang naform” Laguerta said.

However, Laguarta clarified that the lowering of Alert level does not necessarily mean Mayon is” done with its wrath, he also said that possibility of increasing of Alert Level 4 again is existent.”

“Di to nagpapakita na tapos na, hindi pa talaga tapos yung nangyayari sa Mayon, Depende sa pinapakita ng bulkan pwede pa itong itaas ulit,” he was quoted as saying.

He further said that alert level of Mayon will still depend on its activities, and if it shows continuous decline in unrest, its alert status may be lowered to Alert Level 2.

“But if bumama yung pinapakita nito (Mayon), it can be decreased to alert level 2” Laguerta added.

Accrdg to Dr. Cedric Daep of PDRRMC, “we have to maintain the 7 km east southeast but 6 kilometer around Mayon.”

“With the lowering of the alert level on Mayon, about 14,000 families will be decamped from the evacuation centers leaving the 2,666 families whom are residing within the 6 kilometer permanent danger zone,” said the province.

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