Meet Grex the girl!


Former Albay Rep. Grex Lagman grew up around a lot of strong women, and for women’s month, he paid tribute to their hilarious effort to turn him into one of them.

As a young boy, Grex said his mom and elder sisters Krisel and Lara got a kick out of putting make up on him, along with a hairband and earrings.

The twist is that Grex did not resent the activity and even actually enjoyed it!

For women’s month, he posted on Facebook the photo of their valiant efforts to turn him into a girl. This was also to honor his beautiful mom and sisters’ efforts, he added.

We gotta say, the look works for him!

“In honor of Women’s Month (March of every year) and of all women who have blazed the trail, i’m offering my pic as a 6 year old ‘girl’. ?

My late mom and two elder sisters, Krisel and Larah, always enjoyed putting make up on me–with the hairband and earrings to boot! Well, I enjoyed it as well. ?

To really honor my beautiful mom and sisters’ efforts that is. ,” he posted on Facebook.

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