What hardships? Ako Bicol Rep. Rodel Batocabe lauds bakwits for smiling through their ordeal


As Ako Bicol representative, Rodel Batocabe is one of the politikos at the forefront of helping residents who had to flee their homes because of Mayon’s eruption.

in going around evacuation centers, there is one thing he has noticed.

Despite being displaced from their homes, losing the daily comforts they’ve enjoyed, and facing the health risks from the ash fall, the evacuees or bakwits manage to keep smiling.

You’d never think they are actually going through a lot, he noted. For him, this only underscores the resiliency of Filipinos.

Mayon may continue acting up, but for sure, they will all get through this!

“The many faces of the Bakwits. One striking similarity – you can never discern from their faces the hardships and anxieties they are experiencing! Such remarkable resiliency,” he posted.

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