Ano ‘to, hybrid? San Fernando, Cam Sur Mayor Fermin Mabulo finds Samsung parts in Apple laptop


San Fernando, Camarines Sur Mayor Fermin Mabulo is dismayed, to say the least.

The politiko is no longer a fan of Apple products after making a startling discovery.

When his daughter’s Macbook Air broke down, he took it in for repairs. When it was opened, he was surprised to see that it had internal circuits from Samsung, a rival technology company.

He noted that he had bought the laptop not from the black market, but from an Apple Store in Metro Manila.

Would somebody please explain this mystery?

“I just lost my respect for Apple when my daughter’s MacBook Air broke down, this is what I saw inside it as it is being repaired: SAMSUNG internal circuits!!! We bought it from Apple Store SM Aura,” he posted on Facebook.