Give love on love month: Masbate VG Revil organizes mass blood donation drive on Feb. 22


A mass blood donation drive in Masbate province will be happening on February 22 in partnership with the Red Cross chapter in the province, Vice Governor Kaye Revil announced.

The Vice Governor visited the Masbate Red Cross recently to formally discuss the hosting of a blood donation drive.

“Your VG Kaye Revil visited Masbate Red Cross to signify intent to host & organize once again a Mass Blood Donation Drive for Masbate,” she said.

The lady vice governor said that it has been her annual advocacy to help the Masbate Red Cross chapter to achieve its target blood donation “which is at 1% of the population.”

Vice Governor Revil said that last year’s blood donation was really short of the target slated for 2017.

“Minimum target set is at 3500 per year. For last year, blood donors were only at about 500,” she said.

“It is really short of the goal. Join your VG heighten the people’s awareness by sharing the info & be able to save more lives,” VG Revil said.

Revil said that the blood donation next month fits the love month of February.

“Prepare yourselves for the love month date & be a blood donor, give love, donate blood, it is something definitely worthy to do! See you soon,” she said.

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